Complex Wills

What is a complex Will?

 A Simple Will generally leaves lump sum payments to your beneficiaries. For example, if you want to divide your Estate equally between all your children.

A Complex Will builds on the foundations set by a Basic Will, using Trusts to further protect your Assets and Property from potential complications.

When should you need a Complex Will?

A Complex Will is chosen by individuals who want to put a portion of the estate into a trust. How this works is that the asset placed in a trust will be held and managed by a trustee and released to the beneficiary at a given time. This is a good option if the intended recipient is not yet capable of managing his affairs such as in the case of minors, persons with disability, or someone with a severe illness.

There are different types of trusts to choose from namely: discretionary trust, property trust, and a life interest trust. You can speak with an expert before deciding on the type of trust you want. This is very important because trust wills must be explicitly worded.

You can get your will professionally written by our expert advisers in as little as two weeks. We can also schedule face to face consultation if preferred by the client.

Protecting your children’s inheritance from re-marriage after your death
Protecting from a previous spouse who may complicate your estate
Protecting your Property and Assets from Creditors and Bankruptcy
Protecting your estate from being used to pay for Long Term Care
Protecting your Estate from future Generational Inheritance tax

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