Lasting Power of Attorney

Why do I need Lasting Power of Attorney?

You may think you do not need to register a Lasting Power of Attorney because you are too young, do not have a family or because you are in good health. This is not the case! There is no reason for anyone not to have a registered Lasting Power of Attorney.

Lasting Powers of Attorney gives trusted people the permission to make important decisions for you in the event you being unable to. For example, if you were to have an accident leaving you in a coma;

  • How would you bills get paid?
  • Who would run your business?
  • Who would decide what care you had?

You may think your family would be able to make these decisions for you, but this is a common misconception.

How does Lasting Power of Attorney work?

Your nominated attorney can be given the authority to make decisions on your behalf. You can give them permission to make decisions over your health and welfare or property and affairs, or both.

Decisions around your health and welfare may include the kinds of treatment you are given or where you got to receive care. Property and affairs may include access to your bank statements to ensure your bills are paid.

Without a Power of Attorney the Court of Protection will decide on your affairs. This could result in decisions being made that do not benefit yourself or your family. Furthermore, this can be a costly and lengthy process; everything is done by post and can it could take months before any decisions can be made.

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