How Long Do Wills Take to Write?

It is a fact that not everyone in the UK has a will. Most people assume that when they die, all their asset immediately go to their dearest loved ones. Unfortunately, this assumption cannot be further from the truth. The law will impose strict rules and regulations on properties and possessions left by a deceased individual, and this may not go as intended. For example, if you are unmarried and living with a partner, your partner will not have the same rights to claim your assets as married couples do.

Steps in writing a will

Before going through the process of writing a will, you will need to start by choosing the type of will that is suitable for your circumstances. Then, you can proceed with the process that will lead to the writing of the document itself.

  • Value your estate. Get a list of all your assets and properties. They need to be valued on a regular basis as this may change over time. When evaluating your estate, you should also take into consideration all outstanding debts you may have.
  • Decide on how you want your estate divided. This may take some time to conclude as it depends on how you want to dispose of your assets to your intended beneficiaries personally. Some people even allow a portion of their assets to give to a charitable institution.
  • Choosing the executor. It is common to assign at least two executors of an estate in case of circumstances such as death. When choosing an executor, it is imperative that the person or persons selected have been informed accordingly and agreed to take on the responsibility. Executing an estate can be a time-consuming process, and a person who did not give his consent can refuse the appointment.
  • Writing the will. There are many ways you can write a will. You can do it by yourself, or with the help of a solicitor. You can also hire a will writing service or go to your bank if they offer the said service.
  • Storing the will. Once the will has been written and signed, it can be saved at home, by a solicitor, or a probate service.

The time it takes to write a will can be subjective since it depends on how well prepared you are. With our professional will writing service, we can help you draw up a will in as little as two weeks.

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